The Nantucket Disc Golf Course is a championship style course in the beautiful South Pasture of the Nantucket State Forest. Wide fairways weave  through the woods, many with multiple routes to enhance challenge and enjoyment. The short tees are great for new players and the long tees will test the very best with a par 68 layout featuring three par five holes and a variety of lengths and shot shapes.

Hole By Hole

Hole 1

  • PAR 4
  • 619'
  • 444'

Hole #1 at Nantucket Disc Golf eases you onto the course. It is a 619’ par 4 from the Long Tee - very slightly uphill, making a gentle righthand turn most of the way. The ideal drive splits the middle channel and finishes right, and anything finishing left will add distance. The last barrier trees in the fairway are about 350’ from the long tee. The hole opens up considerably the last 270’.

Hit the gap on your drive and try to avoid the first set of trees, ideally finishing a little right. After the first 350’ the hole opens up considerably.

Hole 2

  • PAR 3
  • 302'
  • 162'

Hole #2 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a 280’ par 3 from the Long Tee. Hit the gap with a righthanded hyzer backhand and you can make a run at an ace - one of 7 par 3’s on the course. The last fairway tree before the hole turns left is 190’ out. Trees lining the entire left side of the hole make that the most challenging route, although there is small channel. A cluster of trees guards the green to the right and left on approach, and the area long and left of the basket is clear.

Hole 3

  • PAR 3
  • 274'
  • 171'

Hole #3 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a 274’ par 3 from the Long Tee. Seemingly reachable for most, this par 3 is still a tough hole to birdie. A small tree even with the short tees on the left side of the fairway is the main obstacle until you reach the large pine guarding the right side of the green, 65’ out. A righty forehand or lefty backhand hyzer is your best option here of getting close to this fairly open green. A small tree to the left of the basket is the only other obstruction around the green.

Hole 4

  • PAR 4
  • 626'
  • 425'

Hole #4 at Nantucket Disc Golf is the start of a tough 3 hole stretch. A 626’ par 4 from the Long Tee, long and straight is the name of the game for this tee shot. The best route is to split the trees on either side of the fairway about 300’ from the tee.

Hole 5

  • PAR 5
  • 811'
  • 619'

Hole # 5 at Nantucket Disc Golf is the first of two consecutive long par 5’s. It is 811’ from the Long Tee, a tree-lined potentially treacherous hole. You need to make it 600’ through the center gap and maze of trees before the hole opens up. On your drive, choose your way left or right of the center tree cluster, and try to stay in the middle gap if possible after that.

Hole 6

  • PAR 5
  • 799'
  • 664'

Hole #6 at Nantucket Disc Golf begins the 10 holes of the South Pasture, and is another difficult par 5 with a tight beginning and a tighter ending. It is 799’ from the Long Tee, and a drive splitting the middle gap and finishing left is the shortest route. Big throwers have a potential clear deeper route on the right as long as they finish left. It is about 400’ to get to the middle clearing from the Long Tee.

Hole 7

  • PAR 3
  • 178'
  • 178'

Hole #7 at Nantucket Disc Golf is the beginning of 3 straight par 3’s, and the only hole on the course with just 1 teepad. Time to make some birdies if your aim is true. It is a 178’ straight tunnel shot. Make it through the first 115’ of trees and you can bail out left near the green. If you finish right plan on throwing your second shot from some dense trees. This straight-forward difficult hole can separate the men from the boys. Plenty of space around the basket if you can just hit the tunnel.

Hole 8

  • PAR 3
  • 228'
  • 170'

Hole #8 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a deceptively tricky par 3, especially from the Long Tees. The Long Tee is 228’, and your drive needs to split the trees on either side of the Short Tee, which is 170’ from the basket. You can choose either side of the cluster of trees 50’ from the basket, depending on whether you are throwing a forehand or backhand. A slightly downhill tee shot leads to a slightly uphill backdrop for approach shots. A couple trees behind the green are the only obstacles near the basket. This is a well-designed hole that demands precision, but will yield birdies as reward.

Hole 9

  • PAR 3
  • 282'
  • 177'

Hole #9 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a slightly uphill sloping par 3 that puts an emphasis on placement of your drive. The Long Tee is 282’ with a narrow beginning making the drive difficult if you can’t keep it straight from the start. Forehand, backhand, overhand - anything goes on this hole. The Short Tee is 177’ and if you make it past the first group of trees you are home free. The green is wide open.

Hole 10

  • PAR 4
  • 583'
  • 398'

Hole #10 at Nantucket Disc Golf is the first of 4 consecutive par 4’s. It is 583’ from the Long Tee and places a huge emphasis on placement of the drive. The hole bends right after about 260’, then ultimately comes back to the left. If you finish left too far beyond the Short Tee chances are you will be stuck in the rough.

Hole 11

  • PAR 4
  • 571'
  • 457'

Hole #11 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a 571’ par 4 from the Long Tee, and one of the most difficult holes to birdie. Similar to hole #10 if your drive goes deep and left you will most likely be in the rough. The two trees in the fairway are 140’ out and the last tree on the right before the hole snakes right is 215’ from the Long Tee.

Hole 12

  • PAR 4
  • 441'
  • 323'

Hole #12 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a terrifying 441’ from the Long Tee. It takes a perfectly placed 225’ drive to get to the bend. If you miss your drive even slightly you could be looking at having to pitch back into the fairway from a deeply wooded lie. Strokes can add up quickly on this hole.

Hole 13

  • PAR 4
  • 526'
  • 364'

Hole #13 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a 526’ par 4 from the Long Tee. As with hole #12, a premium is placed on the drive on this hole. But unlike hole #12, this hole really opens up after the first 285’, and bends slightly left. Send your drive long and deep and then pick a route thru the remaining trees.

Hole 14

  • PAR 3
  • 238'
  • 181'

Hole #14 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a 238’ par 3 from the Long Tee. Two clear gaps exist to go at the basket from the right or the left, but they are both very tight. Even good shots get knocked down by trees lining the route on the right side. There is one final clump of trees just short of the basket you must navigate, and if you go long there are a few trees to contend with as well.

Hole 15

  • PAR 4
  • 542'
  • 362'

Hole #15 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a 542’ par 4 from the Long Tee and the last hole on the South Pasture. Routes exist right and left around the center group of trees.

Hole 16

  • PAR 4
  • 582'
  • 426'

Hole #16 at Nantucket Disc Golf takes us back into the North Pasture for the final three holes. It is a 582’ par 4 from the Long Tee, and the wind can play a big factor. This is the most open driving hole on the course, and finally a hole for big arms to show their stuff. Aside from a big tree near the Short Tee which is 426’ from the basket, there are only a few obstacles to contend with in the fairway.

Hole 17

  • PAR 3
  • 303'
  • 202'

Hole #17 at Nantucket Disc Golf is a 303’ par 3 from the Long Tee and can be deceivingly long. There is a distinct route for a right-handed backhand hyzer through the trees. There are a couple tight paths on the left side. Once you get past the final barrier of trees the green is open except for a couple trees slightly beyond the green that can act as a backstop.

Hole 18

  • PAR 5
  • 868'
  • 681'

Hole #18 at Nantucket Disc Golf is the longest hole on the course, a 868’ par 5 from the Long Tee. Your tee shot must go right or left around the center clumping of trees 140’ from the Long Tee.


John Houck (Austin, TX) designed the Nantucket Disc Golf Course in April 2010. He is arguably the world's premier disc golf course designer, with more than 100 course designs and consultations spanning his career - more than any living designer.

John was Commissioner of the Professional Disc Golf Association from 1994 to 1996 and has been President of the Disc Golf Foundation since 1998. John is the Head of Course Design for the new International Disc Golf Center in Augusta, GA, and has designed or consulted on course designs for numerous world and national tournaments.

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